Hi all,

Our new server reset is now live, join now and compete for the end of season rewards.

  • New Spawn!
  • New PvP Arena!
  • Seasons are now 3 months long.
  • Server messages are much tidier, easier to read.
  • Spawner crate has been removed globally.

We will soon be making changes to the store, with the implementation of a new theme.

Hello Islanders,

Today is the day we announce when we are re-opening our doors! We are proud to also present our server trailer to our members. In this post we will go over the following: The trailer made by @Arus, Date & Time of release, various features we offer on the server, island top rewards, and on applying for staff & media team.

We also will be running a 45% OFF SALE during our release at

- Click here to view our trailer!

This trailer was produced by @Arus, he did an amazing job in such a short time frame. Creating this wonderful piece of art.

We will be releasing on July 16th, 2019 at 12 PM EST.
Store: - 45% OFF SALE

- Daily Rewards (For members & donators, located in spawn.)
- Bartender (Gamble in-game money for a chance of winning bigger, /bar)
- Custom Enchants (/enchanter)
- Mobcoins & Mobcoin shop (Mobcoin shop updates daily and special items rotate every 2-3 days in the shop, get mobcoins from killing mobs.)
- Quests (Complete quests for rewards, /quests)
- In-Game shop (Buy & Sell items, /shop)
- Auctioneer (Auction off items to the community or buy items from other users, /ah)
- Trading (Trade with other users, using /trade)
- XPBottle (Withdraw or gain XP using /xpbottle or throwing the bottle to gain XP)
- Cash Notes (Withdraw money or gain money using /withdraw or right-clicking a cash note)
- Crates (Various crates and rewards in crates, /warp crates or /crates)
- Monthly Crates & Special Crates (We have a monthly crate to earn high tier items and a special crate for events.)
- Envoys (Treasure chests fall from the sky in /warp pvp every 3 hours, they have different tiers.)
- Chat Games (Unscramble or type the word the fastest for a small bonus of cash.)
- Lottery (Gamble your in-game money in the lottery using /lottery.)
- Stackable Spawners (Spawners stack.)
- Mob Stacking (Mobs stack, die in one hit if all grouped together, will give the same XP/Drops as if killed singly)
- Moneypouches (Purchasable using our webstore or can be won in crates.)
- Item display in chat (Donators can use [item] to display their items in chat.)
- Item Dropping (If you drop an item, it will display what it is, and you have 90 seconds to re-get it or it will automatically despawn.)
- Sellwands (Purchasable on our webstore and can be won in crates.)
- Custom Chat (You can hover over players chats and click on their name to message them.)
- Chairs (Right-Click on a "Stair" to sit down.)
- Old Combat (We are native 1.12.2 but we use old combat mechanics from 1.8 PvP.)
- Timber (Trees, timber like in real life when cutting down a tree.)
- Vouchers (Won in crates, mobcoin shop, or special events.)
- Playervaults (Extra Storage, donators gain more. /pv)

We do seasonal island top rewards for our top 3 islands. Here are the rewards:

Island #1 - $300 Store Credit
Island #2 - $200 Store Credit
Island #3 - $100 Store Credit

You can apply for Helper to become a staff member here:

You can apply for Media Team rank here:
Welcome to SkyRoyale.

We finally released our website!
Website design was created by @Pink
We hope you love our new design and updates to the website!

If you are an old player returning to SkyRoyale you will see some various new changes!
We got all new artwork, a whole new setup, all new in-game ranks, and so much more! We hope our returning players enjoy these new modern changes. We changed various things to keep us updated in the modern times of Minecraft.

Our Discord:
Our IP:
Our Webstore:

These forums are now our primary way to communicate with you guys, and for you to post issues. We will be moving some of the roles of our current Discord server - such as the support system - to the forums! We're still upgrading and working on our forums, so expect some modifications over the next few weeks.

You may also notice that the platform is familiar. This is because we're using a version of XenForo, It's easy to adapt to. If you aren't use to these kind of forums.

If you have any suggestions for our forums, please don't hesitate to reach out. Sorry for the bland post, just needed to say something before we put anything out.

We hope to see you on the network!

SkyRoyales' Administrative Team.

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