Ice_Blue_Wolfy - No Baby Zombies

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✦ More in depth detail of your suggestion:
Get rid of baby zombie spawning in zombie spawners.
✦ How can this improve SkyRoyale?
it will make grinding machines better because baby zombies wont clog it up. Also it is annoying when you have to look down to kill baby zombies while grinding.
✦ Anything else you would like to add?
nope :)
Due to mob stacking baby zombies don’t clog up a machine. They rest at the bottom this is assuming you’ve made it automatic with a lava death. Anything annoying while grinding is apart of the grind itself. It’s annoying to click over and over again to kill a massive stack. All I’m saying is use better descriptions for why you want a feature removed or added. If you don’t the suggestion will come off as you the player being lazy or wanting things to be easier. Taking away the grind.
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