iRayHD/DaddySeany-Add Mcmmo credits to crates


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✦ More in depth detail of your suggestion:
This could work in two different ways: 1, add mcmmo to every regular crate, and the higher the level of the crate, the more mcmmo credits you can get. Or 2, Have an mcmmo crate where people could buy keys in the store with /buy. (There could be other ways of obtaining the mcmmo crate)
✦ How can this improve SkyRoyale?
If you have the mcmmo crate, players could buy the key, therefore making more money. Even if you don't use the crate idea, you could still add it in the regular crates, and giving players another reason to play. (Building up mcmmo levels)
✦ Anything else you would like to add?
The original idea came from iRayHD, and I, DaddySeany, came up with the crate idea.
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What if instead of adding it to crates you made it possible for players to grind it out. I mean simply most McMillan things can be grinded. You get awesome perks from the grind. Would seem a bit broken if I could win credits from crates and skip the grind but still get the rewards especially for things like mcmmo pvp skills. Currently there’s no system in place to grind out mmcmo pvp skills so I can understand where your coming from I’m adding them to crates but. Won’t that make pvp and God kits pointless.

For example for mcmmo unarmed at level 250 you can do 8 hearts of damage with your fists. At level 1000 you have an ability to remove people’s items in there hand as well as there god armor they have. It caps at a 33% chance at level 1000.

With mcmmo swords at level 600 you can return 1/2 the damage delt to you with a skill called counter attack. At level 750 you can max an effect by the name of bleed. This effect allows the player to do a max damage of 5 hearts.

With mcmmo axes critical strikes double the damage your axes do. Axe mastery caps at level 200 and deals +4 more bonus damage.

Where does this leave us. According to the mcmmo website the only way to get mcmmo Xp is from naturally spawned in mobs which was removed to help with balancing the economy. I understand as things like maybe koth or other pvp based events come to pass many users might want mcmmo to rely on these such amazing perks. But it might break pvp if given outright.

The only solution to allowing players to grind credits out while keeping the eco balanced would be to have mcmmo be affected through mobs that came with spawner a and even then this would be hard to balance. If such a game changing update were to come out, I believe those involved should take careful consideration into how it would affect the players as well as the current eco. If threes credits are in their own crates won’t that make pvp pay to win. Which the battle of non pay to win to pay to win isn’t something the server has constantly kept up with when balancing new things in.

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