More things to do

*bidding contests. Those can be difficult to set up especially with alternative accounts being allowed. The current system is based off careful calculations involving the worth of an island not the aesthetic value. Another problem one might face with setting such an system up would be to allow all players on everyone’s islands which sparked rage in the beginning of this season as some island groups like to keep certain builds and methods hidden to prevent their competition steal the builds.

And events are coming soon. Pvp based events will probably become more ranged as a) more players come and b) such game modes are integrated. The only current pvp based event is Envoys which players can choose to goto. Right now the current drive and focus is to make this season of skyblock enjoyable with not only the current plugins but, make the experience enjoyable and not toxic with the expanding community. Don’t fret events that have in game rewards have been talked about and are in the works. There’s been rumors of koth or parkour events. Stick around to see what’s in store.

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