Why Vote?

Voting for the server provides a way for SkyRoyale to stay alive. Votes help our appearance on the different voting websites, and the more you vote, the higher we get on the rankings. Also, voting is a great way for you to earn special rewards in SkyRoyale such as ranks, money, experience, OP gear, and more! We will be implementing a special voting system that will allow you to purchase Buycraft ranks with money earned via voting, so we will give everyone a chance to be able to earn special access perks via Buycraft and not have a pay to win setup. We believe in giving everyone a fair chance here, and voting is your surefire way of earning those special perks! Also a perk of voting, once the server hits 50 votes, there will be a vote party for everyone online!

Vote Rewards, Every 1 Vote

  • 1. $1000 In-Game Money
  • 2. 1x Vote Key
  • 3. 1000 EXP
  • 4. Global Vote Party after 50 Votes!
  • 5. We also host double reward weekends.

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